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My Photograph on the Cover of the French Special Edition of National Geographic Magazine
matt propert
Nov 8, 2019
Incredibly happy to see this photo I made of my wife Uliana on the cover of the French special edition Nat Geo mag about personality. I shot this a few years ago for the US edition where it was used inside the front cover on page one. It was a fun assignment and Uliana was a great model. We shot dozens of different expressions and printed them life size and made a huge grid of the prints on the floor. Afterwards I got on a ladder while she was lying on the prints and we made this photo (and many others of course). There are a lot of faces that got cropped out for the cover design but I’m still happy with how it came out!

Matt Propert - Editor / Photographer.

Matt Propert - Photographer / Editor - freelance photographer - fine art prints - National Geographic books and special edition magazines - photo editor
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